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If I Want to Lose Weight Cleanse Your Way to Weight Loss

If I Want to Lose Weight Cleanse Your Way to Weight Loss Imagine yourself as a garbage truck roaming around the neighborhood collecting wastes produced by the unhealthy lifestyle of different households. As you pass through the streets, you carry with you loads and loads of toxins and wastes that slow you down and make you feel over-loaded. Then you finally reach the landfill where you dump those wastes off. At long last, you feel a sigh of relief. There is one part of the human anatomy that actually works like the garbage truck - the colon. Also known as the large intestine, the colon is the one responsible for eliminating bodily wastes and toxins in the form of bowel movements to fully absorb the vitamins and nutrients from the food that we eat. But without the colon properly functioning, expulsion of unwanted materials in the body can be hard that it may slow us down and make us feel over-loaded. And over-loading can become an obstacle in our quest for weight loss. Not everybody knows that a poor bowel movement may lead to unwanted weight gain. And how does this happen? If you are having a difficulty removing bowel because of your over-loaded colon, the wastes that are still left after your attempt can add up to your body weight as a fecal weight. And because of this, you also feel bloated and inches appear to be increasing in your waistline. This is definitely not good for weight loss. So how do you avoid the unwanted weight gain? Cleansing of the colon the natural way is the key! Improve colon function and health as a whole by eating organic, unprocessed, and indigestible foods. Choose those that are high in fiber like fruits (berries, grapes, prunes) and vegetables. Remember to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to aid your body in digesting food more efficiently. Laxatives may help but they can be habit-forming so it's always best to go for the natural way. Help your body...detoxify every once in a while for a healthier you! link lose weight fast workout videos

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